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We’re not just selling leads.
We’re building Law Firms.
Every day, GetCarAccidentCases brands produce thousands of exclusive auto accident leads. These leads are rigorously screened and swiftly transferred to law firms, guaranteeing both quality and timeliness.
The advertising difference – how we deliver

We’re passionate about lead quality. With over 25 years of data, we’ve gathered enough insight to anticipate the legal outcomes of our motor vehicle accident inquiries.

But we go further. Before each live transfer to your firm, we meticulously pre-screen and verify contact details. Our goal is to ensure that you only receive the clients that match your preferences.

Interested solely in truck accidents? Absolutely. Focused on handling motorcycle accident injuries? No problem.

Let us know your requirements below, and let’s get started expanding your law firm today.

1. Advertise

We extend your marketing reach by leveraging our trusted brands, ensuring nationwide exposure to targeted plaintiff consumers.

2. Connect

Prospective clients from across the country reach out to us via phone or online forms, connecting them with our dedicated bilingual staff, available 24/7.

3. Qualify

Each contact is rigorously qualified by our team before being live-transferred directly to your office, ensuring higher retention rates.

4. Optimize

Your dedicated business team provides ongoing support, optimizing account performance and ensuring maximum ROI.

exclusive access

unmatched lead quality

high converting

data-driven strategies

No More Wasted Intake Resources

Stop wasting time on unqualified leads! Our streamlined process ensures every client reaching your desk is primed for action. By meticulously screening and qualifying leads, we save you valuable resources. Don’t let unproductive intake processes hinder your firm’s progress.

Contact us now to take charge of your caseload and experience the difference with our efficient lead management system. Streamline your operations and focus on serving your clients and advancing your legal practice.

MVA calls with an ROI focus

Ready to transform your marketing spend into tangible returns? Our MVA calls are designed for one purpose: to deliver impactful results. With our precision-targeting and data-driven strategies, we guarantee not just leads, but measurable outcomes that boost your bottom line.

Don’t settle for ordinary marketing—partner with us today and experience the results for your firm’s growth.


500,000 truck-related accidents occur yearly in the United States.


Damages and injuries tend to be greater in commercial vehicle accidents.


In 2017 137,000 pedestrians were treated in emergency departments for nonfatal crash-related injuries.


16,505 motorcycle accidents occurred in 2017 resulting in 15,527 injuries.


The insurance minimum for a rideshare driver carrying a passenger is $1 million.


According to the NHTSA, each year, around 55,000 cyclists are injured in the U.S.

Our Experience Means Your Success

Owner & Team Stats

We’ve built household legal brands for over 25 years, produce market-research-backed creative annually, and spend millions on Google, Facebook, TikTok and other online channels.

MVA Cases

Aqcuired over 100.000 cases.


Acquired over 1000 cases.

PI Firm Revenue

Over $100,000,000

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